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Alicante, Spain
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We want producers and exporters from Portugal...importers that have a strong portfolio of Portuguese shops that have a strong representation of Portuguese wines, Portuguese wine and food lovers....tour operators that do tour to Portugal...and any wine educators that have a strong knowle…
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04.25.2016 From Mark Norman
Talking about Spanish vignerons,Indie Spanish Wineries, quality vs quantity, singularity versus homogeneity, wines that express the “terroir” they were born
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Alicante, Spain
04.20.2016 From Nacho Sanz-Maestre
Reach thousands and thousands of Professionals, Beverages Distributors, Importers, Producers, Beverages Equipment and Accessories Manufacturers &...     Enopros is the most valuable Online Solution for Trading your Products and Developing your Customers and Suppliers Network as well as your Prof…
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Shanghai, China
04.16.2016 From Ariel Garcia Marin
Fine old aged wine/Champaign 
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San Francisco, United States
04.10.2016 From Ron Morid
This group is for winery owners opportunity to network, share ideas, brainstorm.  Talk about what works and what doesn't for winery owners around the world! In our complex world with an overload of information peer to peer groups is the best way to absorb, synthesize, integrate, and utili…
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03.23.2016 From Mark Norman
An open wine group for "all" those who love wine without any pretensions! Share a bottle of good wine with good friends in good wine glasses! This group hopes to reach everyone. With an effort to broaden the appeal of wine to wine lovers and to non-wine drinkers to create a more significant wine cu…
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United States
03.18.2016 From Mark Norman
Let's talk Champagne :another group about Champagne ? Yes you are probably right, it is another group about champagne, but a group where wine professionals and wine lovers  can discover what is this so special drink is, learn about it and where you can give your opinion freely and share your experie…
63 fans
Jaulgonne, France
03.17.2016 From Christian Briard
This group is for winemakers opportunity to network, share ideas, brainstorm.  Talk about what works and what doesn't for winemakers around the world!
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03.17.2016 From Mark Norman
Examining soil terms and important soil structures for premium wine production. 
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Little Rock, United States
03.14.2016 From Kenneth Lipsmeyer
Wine tourism, travel, experiences, pairing food, tasting, wine regions & more.
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Barcelona, Spain
03.08.2016 From Jordi Parellada
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